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What is Bighorn Club?

An Exclusive club consists of 4500 unique and high-quality 2D artworks, each is randomly generated from over 200 traits, comprising multiple layers and details to differentiate its rarity. Bighorns are hosted as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, and they are ready to begin their journey to discover the Metaverse and to improve their mountains to become the place where everyone dream about living.



Community Manager

Project Coordinator
DevTeam Manger

Event Manager


Benefits &            Utilities

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Bighorns token will be your key to the mountains in Metaverse. Our project will not be limited to being a 2D-digital art only, it will be continually upgraded and enhanced to offer different and new content that will be both enjoyable and beneficial to Bighorn owners, all the benefits will be revealed along the adventure. Bighorns owners will be able to enjoy VIP events, fun games, NFT collections, special giveaways, a real unique giveaway that you haven't experienced or seen yet in the world of NFT, and much more.


This is an overview of the roadmap, join Discord for more detailed information on each phase.

We will frequently update the roadmap to ensure the best experience for everyone in the community. Our team will announce each update after we have completed our analysis and ensured that the Bighorn owners will receive a positive return out of it.
Bighorn holders will be able to use their rights to vote on the upcoming updates and changes.

First stage

Phase 2

Reinvestment of revenue into the project:

-  Creating Bighorn Club wallet.

- Increasing net worth for Bighorn owners.

Phase 1

Community building and project launch:

- Setting up a Discord server for all Rams to join.

-  Start promoting the project to reach all the discerning investors in the NFT world.

-  Determining and announcing the mint price and date (TBA).

Phase 3

Scaling up the project:

-  TBA

Second stage

Phase 1

-  TBA


For more detailed information about the project and roadmap, join our server on Discord. Never hesitate to ask any question or make a suggestion, You can type it in the dedicated channels on Discord, or DM team members. We are always happy to answer your inquiries and read your suggestions.


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